Welcome to NothinSpecialtb.com! Now that you are here, I’m sure you have questions as to what this website is. Well, it’s for you, the one who lives with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), for any age. I built this for all of you, to become a part of a community where you can feel comfortable talking, posting, blogging to other people who may or may not fully be able to grasp your specific situation, being there are so many different versions of this, but will certainly be able to help you realize that you are not alone in this.

Some may also be wondering why I chose NothingSpecialtb.com for the domain name  & to put it mildly, there is nothin “special” or “spoecial tricks”about how anyone with AMC does things that anyone without AMC can also do. For example: is it “special” how I take a shower, put on my socks on each day, brush my hair, put my clothes or am I simply getting ready to start my day. This term needs to be understood that having AMC does not make us “special”, it makes us human with a rare condition.

My version, you might wonder? Well, I was born with clubfeet, flexed knees, flexed hips, flexed elbows, and wrists. I have a history of scoliosis which caused intractable pain resulting in the need for orthopedic surgery. Over the years I have had 17 surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy in my lifetime to help make me more mobile and ultimately have the opportunity to have long term employment. Due to my anterior horn cell disease and subsequent body changes, I do not have the strength, endurance, nor the pain management I had in my younger years. I now have limited tolerance for sitting, standing, and walking. There is no evidence in the literature that adults with Arthrogryposis will get stronger or more mobile with age.

As you now can see, I am an open book, simply because, why the hell not. All of that being said, I also am the type to prove that, all of that stuff about me, not staying strong or as mobile as I am currently, is a challenge and as you all know, challenges like that are our pride and joy. If you live with this, then you understand exactly what I mean.

~ Ted Houser Professional Artist / Owner of TBSDesigns