Our Lives Our Medical Records

I wonder why are our own medical records are held captive to us. Being that today you can literally find information about anything online, accept for your own medical records. I do not understand why anyone has to go through hoops upon hoops to get their own medical records. Has anyone else had issues trying to get your own medical records.

I could only speculate all of the BS reasons why we are not allowed our own medical records. To have them and send them where they need to be sent. To post them publicly, if we see fit to do so, after all, they are ours. Procedures upon procedures have been established to allow any and all medical records about us, be hidden and kept from our own eyes. Which I simply do not understand, at all. Maybe its because I do not see the ‘fort knox’ mentality of it? Maybe it’s because I strongly feel our medical records should be fully available to us all. Granted I shouldn’t be allowed to see anyone else’s but if I want to see my own, I should absolutely be allowed to do so.

I should also be allowed to make copies, send it to who ever I feel needs them and not be made to feel like it’s illegal to obtain. It’s my life and if I want to plaster it all over the place, then so be it. In this case I want to share all of mine to help others learn from what I went through and see if thats something they need or don’t need. It may even help guide parents in the appropriate way if they have a child with AMC.

Wouldn’t it benefit others with Arthrogryposis to be able to look up what others have gone through? What worked? What didn’t? Who they saw to get things accomplished? What Institutions are the best to go to? I do plan on making all of mine public knowledge, I first need to go through it all and black out places, names, etc. Because that sort of knowledge is not allowed to be shared, it is totally a ‘fort knox’ syndrome and should not be.

Does anyone out there feel the same?

Can anyone fully explain to me what the reasons are?

Truthfully, do these reasons even make sense?

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