What type or brand of shoes best work for you? How many different types of shoes, sneakers, boots have you tried? Have you tried lifts or inserts in your shoes (if you are on your toes, like I am)?

My feet have been fused 3 times each, to get them in front of me, so shoes that work well with them is not always an easy task. Being I am  still on my toes, I always needed to try and find something with a lift. I found Dr. Martens to work best for me, even though some say they are heavy, I would rather have soar legs from walking then soar feet any day.

When I was younger I did the research and found out those shoes were created by Klaus Märtens, the story goes that he injured his ankle on a skiing trip, that the standard army boots were too uncomfortable and created more comfortable boots with soft leather and an air-padded souls. I thought, well if it was good enough for that guy, they should be good enough for me. I have worn nothing but them ever since.

I will be trying out some new lifts in my sneakers. Hopefully the material being used these days is nothing like the dense, hard material used when I was a kid. Those lifts back then, caused even worse issues with my toes. They gave no resistance and did not mold to my feet at all. Instead they caused more stress on my ankles, knees, and hips. It is amazing how such a small adjustment can literally change everything from your toes up. I will let you all know how they work, what the benefits to them are, and what the benefits may not be. Stay tuned.

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