Adventures and Travel

What I would like to know is how often do you travel? How often and how well is traveling for you? Any pointers or things you have encountered that made it much easier for you and less physical?

I will share my experiences traveling to get the ball rolling. I am very interested in your thoughts on this topic, so please feel free to comment and no worries. Thank you.

I know from my own experience, because I work part time with close friends, since my time these days, is spent needing days where I can’t make it to work or need to switch days due to appointments. My close friends have a company that is able to work with me and around my schedule, unlike a company situation. Totally another topic.

Anyway, back on track to this topic ahahaha. I work a part time job and this job requires traveling, on planes. Once I am on site, I am not doing anything strenuous or nearly as close to what I used to do before my spine surgery, but I am very happy to be back doing what I love.

That being said, I have learned to travel as lite as possible, my luggage is the size of a carry on and I still check it. It would completely wear me out to lug that through the airports, lift above my head on the plane (which I could barely do before my surgery and definitely can not do now). I ask for help when I feel I can’t do something, I have asked to be put through security with help because I can not stand in those lines like that anymore without extreme pain. I slowly walk through the airport and arrive earlier then I need to so that I am not rushing because rushing is not an  option for me at this point.

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