Medications vs. Nature – Pain Management

So this can be a touchy subject and not always an easy one to pin point. First off, everyone is totally different, what works for one, is not always what will work for another, regardless of any condition. There is also a wide range of tolerance for pain and which changes the spectrum in a huge way.

What are your suggestions between different medications, verse taking a natural remedy from physical pain? How many different things have you actually tried? What were the results and what are your recommendations?

For me, my tolerance for pain is extremely high, so when I am hurting more, over a longer period of time, then that usually means something is really wrong. The medications I have been on for everyday pain has been Tramadol, which I stopped taking because even that stopped working and frankly, if I want a Tic Tac, I’ll buy Tic Tacs. I have also tried medical marijuana, the lowest THC content with the highest CBD, which was very affective, the cost however is ridiculous and because its not fully legal, its not always the safest route. I am currently going to try a narcotic patch called fentanyl.

In severe times in my life I have tried specialists, such as: Reiki, Chiropractic, Sports Medical Drs, and Physical Therapy (PT). So I am a very open minded person when it comes to finding relief from pain.

I am constantly stretching, twisting, and cracking to keep my body loose and mostly because after being in any position for more then two hours, the pain becomes rather intense. To be fully honest I used to drink a lot, and by a lot I meant, it was cheaper, easier, quicker and legal to get and solve a major pain situation. This however, had many bad side affects on everything in my life, I can thank my spine situation and close family and friends for helping me see that. So now the pain is more relevant because I am not drinking everyday, and I am not taking pills due to the nasty side affects that I went through dealing with my spine surgery. Bottom line, over 9 months on dilaudid, is not a safe place to live and to come off of that, plus, oxycontin, and a stress medication was literally a living hell. Not something I ever want to go through again, ever!

Maybe if we all share our experiences and be fully honest here, we can find a solution that actually works and doesn’t duck-tape the issue of pain? At least thats my hope. I certainly don’t want to become the 102nd reason for duck-tape.

I have also always used meditation as a way to help relax my body and more so, my mind before procedures, PT, surgeries, or recoveries. It can greatly affect the healing processes that your body goes through. While keeping you centered mentally and able to keep a positive outlook during times when there isn’t much to be positive about. Now there are all sorts of different kinds, that can teach you their approaches. Mine has always been very simple, I use Transcendental Meditation. I put my self in places where I have been that have been the most relaxing places to me. I slowly bring my breathing down, slow and deep, in and out. As I begin to wash away all of my thoughts and concentrate on that place only, I eventually literally am there. Thats what works for me, again do the research, their are literally 100’s of different types of meditation, so try them until you find one that works. I’m always doing research to see if there’s a different technique that might work better. Being that life is constantly changing, growing and revolving, I believe so would my minds mental relaxation techniques.

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